I started a Blog

Why did I start it and what are my plans?

Lukas Gröninger

Why did I start it?

After reading and seeing so many great R or data science blogs I wanted to join the game. Whenever I’m searching for a solution for a problem at work or at the university, I stumble across a blog post that explains something or pushes me in the right direction. I’ve benefited soo much from various articles, posts or ideas. Additionally having a small place in the Internet sounded like a nice idea. Moreover, the R community is so friendly, welcoming and inspiring, that I thought I could participate a bit.

What are my plans?

At the moment I don’t have any big plans for article series about certain topics. I just wanted to create something where I could share some of my work. In the best case, this blog then also serves someone to come across the solution to his or her problem.

Just a small warning in the end. You should not expect to see only fully elaborated work and also the code might not be that elegant and efficient as seen on other great blogs (see list below).

This provides me with both an excuse and the motivation to get stuff online. Pls consider the whole thing as a work in progress…

Blogs/People that inspired me:

and many more!


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